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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  March 25, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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ca this morning. >> get more later on "good morning america." or anytime at >> have a great friday. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead on this friday. a rescue effort has ended in tragedy. a man died after he was buried alive in the district. we will have more on that collapse shortly. for now, good morning washington. it's friday, i am alison starling. >> i am cynne simpson. more on that in a moment. we begin with traffic and weather. lisa baden in a moment. but we start with a meteorologist steve rudin. >> it is a tilly's start to this friday morning. it will feel a lot like winter for the upcoming weekend.
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-- is a chilly start. 30 degrees in cumberland at this hour. temperatures will remain cold for the morning. looking at the satellite and radar, mostly clear skies right now. the skies will remain clear for the morning, but the clouds will approach this afternoon. lots of sunshine today labor day clouds, 46-50 degrees well below average. let's get an update on the rush hour commute. i was thinking that constructed overnight is a thing of the past. they have moved beltway construction out of the way on duty and the hot lanes project. 270 at montgomery village avenue running a nicely on 95 between richmond and baltimore. pretty good trip on 66, the
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dulles greenway, and the dulles toll road. now to news. we begin with a developing story from the district. an amber alert was issued for two children abducted by their father. 22-year-old robert anderson caughabducted his son and daughter from 53 to northeast. he's wearing a bulletproof vest and his arm. he was last seen in a gray four- or lincoln. a woman is fighting for life after getting stabbed during a robbery attempt. she was attacked around 9:00 last night on 13th street in northeast. she sprayed the attacker with mace. no word on a suspect or an arrest. 4:32 on this friday morning.
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if you are hoping to purchase a new red car or black car, moved quickly. >> linda bell has that story and more from bloomberg news. >> the impact of the earthquake in japan ford is limiteding production of vehicles in red and in black. the u.s. post office is closing seven district offices. we don't know if they are going to do away with saturday delivery. a study shows menthol cigarette smokers feel plies' addicted. once to the menthol and wants to the tobacco -- they feel twice
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addicted, especially african americans. that is business news at bloomberg headquarters, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 4:34 on this friday mourned 33 degrees. it is cold. >> and the official start to the cherry blossom festival this weekend and road closures you need to know about. >> congresswoman gabrielle giffords moves forward on her road to recovery. coming up, steps that she has just taken and her plans to attend her husband's space shuttle launch. >> stay with us.
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welcome back. a construction worker died after a trench collapsed in northeast d.c. emergency workers were on the scene at in the 1200 block of evarts street. they thought they could pull him to safety. now details. >> we knew he was in tough shape but there were signs of
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life initially. >> the trench collapsed with the course of a car going 50 miles an hour. the man had altered a support system and became buried beneath hundreds of pounds of heavy mud. >> he hollered help. i was about to jump in, but more mud fell and i dialed 911. >> rescue dogs detected life and a camera showed him badly twisted, but with enough empty space to agreed. firemen were forced to take their time because of the quicksand-like conditions. >> you are helpless. you cannot do anything. >> by 7:00 the rescue stranded to recovery. >> devastated. >> incidents like these often occur because of a failure to take proper safety precautions.
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in northeast washington it took about six hours to extricate the body. abc 7 news. we are hearing from a passenger on a plane that landed at reagan national airport with no help from the air traffic control tower. the only air traffic supervisor has been suspended. he was asleep when two planes were forced to land on their own. a passenger described what happened. >> we are going over the potomac river, about to land and all of a sudden our plane shoots up into the air. the captain comes on the speaker and says you will not believe this but we cannot get in contact with the tower control we don't have clearance. >> the controller was on his fourth consecutive shifts at the time. we will have much more in the next half-hour. >> interesting that the pilots would say that over the
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intercom. >> exactly such a rare situation. 4:40 on this friday morning. time for traffic and weather. let's start with steve rudin. should be packed an umbrella? >> not necessary but you might need sunglasses. it's going to be cold. anita and and and gloves. temperatures in the upper 20's in some areas. 28 in gaithersburg, 31 at dulles 43 at fredericksburg. cold air up and down the coast. 12 degrees up north by the lakes. we have a storm building to the west of us. this will eventually impact us late saturday night into sunday. there will be some snowfall. nothing like that today for us. mostly sunny skies later date clouds 46-50 degrees.
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let's look at traffic on this friday morning. we want to see sunshine and not snowfall. everything is smooth. let's see. looks good on 270 at 118. beautiful is 95, 66. overnight construction at 267 and 266 is being cleared. looks good on the greenway, the toll road and looks good on 28, centreville. 32 degrees outside. >> new details on the transfer of responsibility beginning in libya. what role the u.s. forces will play. >> tracking developments from japan, details on a water crisis loomin
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we begin with breaking news. an amber alerts for two missing d.c. children has been cancelled. police say the children were found unharmed. their father, robert anderson, was taken into custody without incident. they believe that the abducted the children last night but
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they have been found safely. a worker died when the trend that he was working in collapse. the man was working on a pipe for new house in northeast when he became buried under heavy mud. rescuers or not able to save him. crews are trying to recover his body. a big weekend in the district. national cherry blossom festival kicks off along with the marathon. parts of pennsylvania and constitution avenue is will be closed. more coming up in the next hour. ahead of the festival, people gathered at the national mall last night to stand with a deadpan. showing unity with those suffering from the earthquake and tsunami. -- stand with japan. they walked to the tidal basin near the funds raised will go to the red cross japan relief effort. more bad news in tokyo.
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one reactor at the fukushima plant may have separate a breach. it means the possibility of more severe radiation contamination for the environment. the official death toll from the quake and tsunami is more than 10,000. 17 cows and more are still missing. ---- 17,000 more are still missing. secretary clinton will travel to london next meweek to work our international efforts regarding libya. >> the no-fly zone that has international support is now getting international enforcement. >> nato allies had decided to enforce the no-fly zone over libya. >> the announcement made late yesterday means the u.s. plans and hand over command and control by this weekend.
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even the united arab emirates is on board now sending 12 airplanes to join the coalition. >> we welcome this important step. it underscores the breath of the international coalition and the depth of concern in the region for the plight of the libyan people. >> the nato announcement comes as some in congress call on the obama administration to define the u.s. mission in libya. in an exclusive abc interview the commander said there's no time to talk about and ending right now. >> you cannot have that debate while he is killing his own people. by that point it may have become a moot point. >> gaddafi yesterday sent up a vehicle into the no-fly zone, it was shot down. >> the un secretary general says
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libyan government officials and rebels will meet today in ethiopia to discuss a cease- fire. there's no evidence gaddafi has respected a cease-fire so far. 33 degrees outside. the time on this early friday morning, 4:48. >> and what the new census figures say about the changing racial makeup of our nation. >> and more on the
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captioned by the national captioning institute time for a check of traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's go to steve rudin, the latest on the weekend forecast. it is winter again. >> it feels like winter. sunday morning we will have the cherry blossoms and the potential for stimulating snow. 31 degrees at dulles, 28 in manassas reagan national reported 34 degrees. the windshield factor is not much of a problem this morning. it is just cold. -- the big chill facto -- wind chill factor is not much of a problem. we are looking at the potential
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for accumulating snow as early as saturday night into early sunday morning ending by midday. more on this route the day on abc 7 and on mostly sunny today. later date clouds 46-50 degrees, 10 or 12 degrees below average for this time of year. nighttime low temperatures in the mid 20's. now an update on traffic with lisa baden. the nicely is traffic from southern maryland. looks good through southeast and quiet is out of annapolis in to cheverly along 50. no troubles are 95 or 295 in and out of baltimore. 270 has a little traffic out of baltimore. a quiet run on 66 and 95. although heading to the beltway
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a pattern is starting to form. quiet so far in springfield virginia. now to news. 4:52. the takoma park police officers who shot and killed a proper -- killed a bank robber have been cleared to return to work. it happened in january at the capital one bank. video cameras show carlos espinoza arcia holding a bank teller and using her body as a shield. the hostage was able to break free. officers shot and killed him. new census numbers show the d.c. region demographics have changed dramatically over the last decade. the city's overall population is up 5% to 5 602,000. a black population dropped 11%. the white population grew 31%.
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the hispanic population grew more thanin the commonwealth. in maryland hispanic figure skyrocketed 107%. that could mean big changes in a rising prices -- in housing prices and health care services. congresswoman gabrielle giffords' husband spoke yesterday. he will command the space shuttle endeavor on its final mission next month. he said that his wife has made remarkable progress and is aware of what has happened to merit. >> she is improving every day. in the realm of brain injuries that is very significant. she is starting to process some of the tragedy that we all went through in january, she is going through that as we speak. >> during a news conference,
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mark kelly and his crew wore a turquoise bracelets with the name gabby on them. he is confident his wife will be able to attend the space shuttle launch next month. hollywood legend elizabeth taylor has been laid to rest. friends and family attended a private funeral in los angeles. >> without fanfare, a small line of limousines turned into the cemetery in glendale. her family was inside to say goodbye. outside the gates, members of the media gathered to capture the moment, along with a few fans that have to be there. >> it is not real that she's not here anymore. she had so many more years ahead of her. this is very heartfelt. >> i was in love with curher. she was my example of what a star was. not even just her beauty.
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she was real and she loved her children and her family so much. that made me feel really nice inside. >> this was my last chance to say goodbye. she's not going to be around anymore. this town is not going to be the same. >> she is in the same resting place of her good friend michael jackson. other legends are here as well including cards label -- including clark gable and walt disney. >> her legend is beyond words. >> abc 7 news. >> taylor was 79 it when she died of congestive heart failure on wednesday. services were held at less than 48 hours after her death in keeping with her jewish faith. it's that time of year that we look forward to in
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right up front... diadding new calorie labels to every singlglcan, bottle, and pack they produce... so you can make the choice that's right for you. straight ahead at 5:00, breaking news. a d.c. amber alert cancelled and a suspect in custody. >> and, an air-traffic controller at the center of controversy fesses up.


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